Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bugs Close Up

I get great satisfaction doing close-up and macro images, "Get Low and Move Slow". Many of these were taken in my backyard not 20 feet from the house, it is amazing what you will see if you just take a little time and see. I hope you enjoy as much as I have taking them. "Take and Hour With a Flower". The majority of these were taken with a 150mm Sigma f:2.8 on an Olympus EM 5 or EM 5 mark 2 . Processed in Photoshop Bugs Close Up

Sunday, April 22, 2018

#Artistic Works

I have been taking images for about 10 years and now I have various collections that just sit on my computer. There have been several web pages over the years but they are time consuming. So I have done some collections and events which I will post from time to time. I want to share with you this collection of digital creations based on my images. Adobe Spark Page

the dowler karn-museum collection of petrobilia

Great morning I visited the Dowler Karn Museum collection of petrobilia located just east of St. Thomas Ontario on Highway #3. Amazing collection of a by-gone era when family run gas stations dotted the highways. Can any of you remember the service station attendant with uniform and a bow tie who actually checked the oil and washed the windshield? the dowler karn-museum collection of petrobilia

Dingman Antique Plow Day 2017-09-16

Adobe Spark Page

Feision Horse Show 2017-09-09

Feision Horse Show 2017-09-09

Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 London Orchid Show

The annual Orchid Show is one of the events I look forward too, it comes just as winter is suppose to be waning and spring teases us. There are many sizes, shapes and colours to see fill a card with images but this year I concentrated on close-ups. 2018 London Orchid Show