Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My bitter sweet experience with Great Horned Owl 

I found an owl hanging by one of it's feet from a fence. The was no signs of injury,  it just looked like it landed and died. Thanks to many of you it has been confirmed as a great horned owl. 

I quickly learned after calling the MNR that it is not legal to just pick up a hawk or owl, there are legal requirements. There is a registration process to get set up on the MNR computer system, once you get registered then you apply for a Notice of Possession. The reason I need the N of P is so if I want to get the owl mounted I have to present a copy to the Taxidermist so he can notify MNR he is in possession of the bird.

Now after doing the registration what to do with the bird, MNR don't want it too common. I call a local rehabilitation center, no they have enough. Finally someone suggest trying a taxidermist, so I call , yes he will take it if I have a N of P which I do. Turns out the lives 3 minutes from me so tomorrow he picks it up and I hope to see it when he has it mounted.

Freeze Over
Cold front took hold last night and this morning the river is iced over, first time this year. Thames River Dorchester Ontario

Friday, December 9, 2016

Follow the Leader
We had our first lake effect snow today so there is a winter wonderland outside. Last week it was just fall and I like to get out and drive around the back roads near my home. The area just south has a large Mennonite community and the farm community is preparing the fields for planting.
I saw this wonderful 5 horse hitch plowing a field, it is great to see a working horse hitch of large horses. The team was dominated but a large horse in the center position.

  I didn't notice right away but there was only one set of reins for 5 horses. The large center horse was the guide to the other four, who where hitched to follow it's movements.
Very interesting to watch them move as a team.