Friday, January 13, 2017

You can't get the picture, if you can't get the picture. This was brought home to me this afternoon. I see all the great images and realize if you do not have a camera at the ready many and usually the best shots are missed. I started carrying my camera with me all the time and today was a prime example of the pay off. I was returning from a trip to town when this beautiful bald eagle with a single crow flew low across the road and landed in a tree beside the road. I had my camera at the ready and got 4 shots before they flew off again. Eastern Middlesex County 2017-01-13

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Visitor 

I am sitting at my desk and the resident flock of sparrow and dark-eyed juncos are at the feeders. There are cardinals and chickadees at the Safflower seeds and then they are all gone. Looking around I see this juv. Coopers hawk very well camouflaged sitting in a pine tree. I think my identification is correct thanks to the timely posting by Jon Ruddy on the difference in cooper and sharp shin tails, thanks Jon .
My bird spend some time flying and roosting in the backyard, including fly to ground and going into a ornamental grass like I have seen the cats do looking for birds. Dorchester Ontario

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My bitter sweet experience with Great Horned Owl 

I found an owl hanging by one of it's feet from a fence. The was no signs of injury,  it just looked like it landed and died. Thanks to many of you it has been confirmed as a great horned owl. 

I quickly learned after calling the MNR that it is not legal to just pick up a hawk or owl, there are legal requirements. There is a registration process to get set up on the MNR computer system, once you get registered then you apply for a Notice of Possession. The reason I need the N of P is so if I want to get the owl mounted I have to present a copy to the Taxidermist so he can notify MNR he is in possession of the bird.

Now after doing the registration what to do with the bird, MNR don't want it too common. I call a local rehabilitation center, no they have enough. Finally someone suggest trying a taxidermist, so I call , yes he will take it if I have a N of P which I do. Turns out the lives 3 minutes from me so tomorrow he picks it up and I hope to see it when he has it mounted.

Freeze Over
Cold front took hold last night and this morning the river is iced over, first time this year. Thames River Dorchester Ontario

Friday, December 9, 2016

Follow the Leader
We had our first lake effect snow today so there is a winter wonderland outside. Last week it was just fall and I like to get out and drive around the back roads near my home. The area just south has a large Mennonite community and the farm community is preparing the fields for planting.
I saw this wonderful 5 horse hitch plowing a field, it is great to see a working horse hitch of large horses. The team was dominated but a large horse in the center position.

  I didn't notice right away but there was only one set of reins for 5 horses. The large center horse was the guide to the other four, who where hitched to follow it's movements.
Very interesting to watch them move as a team.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

I love Autumn, everything is changing the sights, sounds and smells. All you have to do is look down and there is a palate of colour, shapes and texture.
This is one square foot of fall leaf cover in the backyard, I see many things, perhaps the foot print of a wonderfulness long gone creature. The wintering place for all manner of insects and moths all tucked away to wait.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

An Osprey Dive
I was at my desk and I just caught a glimpse of a large bird flying up the river, Looking out the window I saw an osprey in a tree. I hurried to get the camera and get down to the river, it was on the opposite bank about 3/4 of a block away.
I clicked off several pictures but the auto focus had a hard time picking it out of the background so I went to manual focus. 
It launched off the branch and I was able to get a set of diving images but when it hit the water, I could not get the focus and the fish capture and fly off where not keepers. I am slowly learning the use of the Olympus 300mm +1.4 extender Dorchester Ontario